About Us

Family Owned and Operated



Pro-Tek Guns is family owned and operated by Frank and Jenny Baggett and Jimi and Tamara Mankins, located in Kilgore, TX. The Baggett/Mankins family has a long history in firearms and has been dealing guns since 1993, when they opened their first gun store and pawn shop in downtown Kilgore, TX.

Frank Baggett Jr. (Co-Owner) manages Pro-Tek Guns and is a retired police officer after 20 years on the Kilgore Police Force, after retiring he opened the new Pro-Tek Guns shop in 2008. Jimi Mankins (Co-Owner ) also owns and manages East Texas Hardware, directly across the street from Pro-Tek Guns. Jimi has owned and managed several of his own businesses since 1998 and became Co-Owner of Pro-Tek Guns in 2015. 

Meet our other team members: 

Frank Baggett Sr. (Papaw) is a United States Navy Veteran and is a retired school teacher and administrator from Kilgore Independent School District. Gloria Baggett (Mamaw) is also retired History/Government teacher from Kilgore Independent School District. Jenny Baggett is currently an administrator for Kilgore Independent School District, but in her spare time she works behind the scenes keeping the shop running. Jalissa and Jenae' Baggett are seasonal/part-time workers between their jobs.

Our family strives to make your experience here at Pro-Tek Guns easy and satisfying whether you are a gun expert or a gun novice.